An Apostles Review

The Church in Columbus - " A  Place  of  Discovery "




Apostle Daniel Blanton

No one needs to tell you we are living in a very fast paced world. It is during our generation that many overnight successes and failures are witnessed. We see technology outrunning itself. As soon as a product is released to the market, its new and improved version beckons the consumer to discard the old and purchase the new. New automobiles flood the market on a yearly basis resulting in overwhelming choices with their rebates, their promises, and their warranties. Hit songs are only popular until the public grows weary of its lyrics thus demanding new ones be constantly written. Somebody is always writing a new song hoping to displace the number one listing on the charts. Competition abounds between manufacturers and this stokes the world’s economy causing some countries to lose jobs while others receive a windfall of employment opportunity.

Ours is not a unique situation for I believe each generation endures its opportunity to grow in the course of human events. Each generation in its own sense has been “modern” during their time on earth. This necessitates competition which demands its ways and products be accepted for the fulfillment of life. I believe it is a good thing to have a new product that out performs the old one. I believe competition is good for it brings out the best in those participating in the cause at hand. Sporting events and other such venues would be dull at best if there was no spirit of competition between those participating.

The danger I see in this is the cause of Christ is easily ignored as one is driven by the spirit of competition to feed their thirst for success. The majority always strives to be the best they can be at whatever they are doing. This is relative to each generation. Ours tends to be the most “modern” thereby it is choking with opportunity to “make a better world” and thereby a better life for self and family. In such an hour it is difficult at best for a Believer to remain loyal to the cause of Christ. Society and our jobs demand attention on a daily basis while Church buildings remain closed through the week because of a lack of occupancy. With great fanfare and a sense of personal accomplishment those special hours for a mid-week or weekend service demand their being opened to the public.

  The Bible tells us in 2 Thessalonians 3:10 that we have to work to eat. A closer study of this reveals that relationships are at the center of this thought. The Holy Spirit demands by His conviction that the Church come out from the world and be an over comer and spiritual relationships with other Believers and with YAHshua. This of course does not mean one forsakes the truth is that neither does it mean the Believer is required to forsake their position in the Church and in the Kingdom of YAHveh. Listen, the world is not supposed to bring success to the Church. The Church is supposed to bring success to the world by bringing all their kingdoms into submission to the living Messiah. This is a nutshell view of Kingdom Theology. Our generation will not succeed in our spiritual mandate without DISCIPLINE.

As His public ministry began to unfold, one of the first things YAHshua did was to begin building relationships. He called twelve men from their worldly profession and began to teach them of the Kingdom of YAHveh. The teachings present opportunity of seeing the different choices of following Him or remaining in the world. These are teachings that challenge the natural process of life for the demand is all that is familiar be forsaken to follow YAHshua as his disciple. For the purpose of this article, disciple simply means to be disciplined in the things being taught. This means to keep the spiritual opportunity open by closing the door to the world’s opportunity. A Christian disciple is one who follows the teachings and ways of Christ. YAHshua often taught that unless one gave up everything and everyone, he could not be His disciple. This means to first embrace your relationship with Him rather than trying to “fit Him into your schedule!” Here are some ways to improve your discipleship. They will help you to grow and cause your Church to become strong in relationships.

1. Seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness and all these things will be added to you. As a Believer, your success is not in the world but in your submission to the calling of YAHveh upon your life.

2. Be willing to change. The teachings of Messiah ARE challenging to your flesh and its way of life. There is a natural fear of failure and Satan knows how to feed this. Spiritual change is always good.

3. Build a good relationship with your spiritual leadership and with other Church members. This is vital for we are to be fitly joined together supplying what another has need of. We all have need of love and assurance.

4. Discipline yourself. You are responsible before YAHveh for yourself. You will answer for your attitudes, words, works, relationships, habits, purposes, relationships, and your praise and worship.

5. Be a willing disciple. Whereas, YAHveh never changes, He does expect change in us as we rehearse His teachings.

6. Be a faithful tither. Tithing is not just about money, it is about accountability. Faithful disciples welcome accountability.

7. Avail yourself. Be willing to be used of the Holy Spirit. He is available to correct you, to lead you, to guide you. At those opportune times you will know what to do and what to say. Be willing to endure His corrections.

8. Study the lives of Joseph, Moses, others, and members of the early Church to see how they influenced the world rather than allowing the world to influence the Church. The separation of truth and error is accomplished through the lives of disciples of Messiah.

9. Convince your local job supervisor by your spiritual deeds, attitudes, and accomplishments that they are better off as a result of your Christian Discipleship than they would be without your being a believer.

10. Do not compare yourself with others for this is where competition begins. Remember, in Christ we are all as one in Him.


Olive Tree

 Romans 11:  17  But if some of the branches were broken off, and thou, being a wild olive, was grafted in among them, and did become partaker with them of the root of the fatness of the olive tree;
18. glory not over the branches: but if thou glory, it is not thou that bear the root, but the root thee.

Romans 10 : 12  For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek: for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon Him.

John 4 :22  You  worship that which you know not: we worship that which we know; for salvation is from the Jews.


Pictured is a Rabbi being forced to wash the car of a German officer. No big deal , right?  Nobody got hurt, right?

One can only wonder if any of those pictured called upon the name of Jesus. Diligently read their bible. Taught Sunday School. Prayed before their meals. Sang the loudest in the choir.   And soon fell silent at what was going on in their nation. Then proceeded to ignore the extermination of 6, 000, 000 Jews.

Is there anything happening today that in any ways resembles this?




       Fourth of July gathering - 2006

     Waiting for Fireworks Show



Fellowship of Men's Fishing Trip

West Pont Lake, GA

This is what happens AFTER you fish!

Jew and Gentile

One In YAHshua


Same dance only at a local High School!

Some of our kids at Youth Camp!

This hall used to be  a pathway for crack dealers and smokers!


Our church bought the neighborhood crack house - this is early; remodeling had just started on the inside - Turning it into a "Christian Training Center!"

 Operation Restoration Against Drugs!

If you stay in the heart of the city - then you must defend the heart of the city!


Has a price!

" Woe unto them who are at ease in Zion! "



There are certain inalienable rights. Freedom is one of them!

DO NOT Sleep in a Battle Zone!














From the French observer, Alexis De Tocqueville the famous 19th Century French statesman, historian and social philosopher.....while in America in 1830 to discover the reasons for the incredible success of this new nation...

" Upon my arrival in the United States the religious aspect of the country was the first thing that struck my attention; and the longer I stayed there, the more I perceived the great political consequences resulting from this new state of things. In France I had almost always seen the spirit of religion and the spirit of freedom marching in opposite directions. But in America I found they were intimately united and that they reigned in common over the same country. Religion in America...must be regarded as the foremost of the political institutions of that country;  for if it does not impart a taste for freedom , it facilitates the use of it. Indeed, it is this same point of view that the inhabitants of the United States themselves look upon religious belief....

In the Unites States the sovereign authority is religious... there is no country in the world where the Christian religion retains a greater influence over the souls of men than in America, and there can be no greater proof of its utility and of its conformity to human nature than that its influence is powerfully felt over the most enlightened and free nation of the earth.  America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. "

Where is the biggest change? In the French? In us? Or both?

When we do not learn from the failures of history we are destined to see them repeated !




 President John F. Kennedy

"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you: Ask what you can do for your country."


What happened?