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June 19, 2015


A Review of the Charleston, South Carolina, Church Shooting


The shooting at the famous Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday of this week cries for definition and resolve. The questions of “why” rise from desperate hearts. The statements of “not again” come from so many spirits of disbelief.

The attempts to affix blame come from the spirit of Adam in the Garden of Eden when he answered God who sought him after his failure to take responsibility for Eve’s encounter with Satan. Adam should have ministered to his wife instead of blaming her for bringing the forbidden fruit into their home. From then to now many people continue in this denial and neglect to take responsibility for their households. A large segment of our society leans towards the idea that if another person changes then things will be better because of that change. This is a difficult notion for some to unravel because it requires a personal decision to change instead of trying to lead another towards a change.

Man continues his futile efforts to legislate equality. A thought is that if enough of the right laws are passed they will eventually change “those” who need to change. This is senseless because for the most part these laws are enacted by legislative bodies in denial of the Laws of the God of Israel. God’s failsafe for those who deny the worth of His Word from the Bible are laws of the land which are codes of life for those who do not believe in the Bible. The criminal and civil laws of the land are enacted by nations and their municipalities to govern those who will not be governed by the spiritual laws of God.

Because of this disregard for God’s spiritual laws we witness spiritual anarchy in homes that spills into our streets. This movement of spiritual anarchy is now part of the daily newscast giving photo and echo to recent tragedies in other cities and now in Charleston. The location of these are different, but the questions and subsequent postings are all the same. The “whys” and “disbeliefs” are the same; only the faces change. But the anguish is the same in all righteous hearts. What will it take to overcome?

The answer does not lie with any government that does not position its self in submission to the higher authority of God. Man cannot save himself from himself. If this were so then God would not have taken measures to enact the New Covenant by the deeds of His Son at Calvary. This is the point of change for all of us. That we would believe in this benevolent God and serve Him from our reborn spirit. This is the ideal of God but the ideals of men under the leadership of a Godless spirit do not accept the notion of a good God. So laws are passed by men with the false hope that their self-imagined meritorious deed will be the answer for all. This is self-righteous at best and often fails even before the ink is dry on the document. Regardless of skin color all humans have the same red colored blood. God teaches in Leviticus 17:11 (KJV)


“For the life of the flesh is in the blood: and I have given it to you upon the altar to make an atonement for your souls: for it is the blood that maketh an atonement for the soul.”


Because life is in the blood and not in the flesh or in one’s skin color, the blood and the life it signifies is the only atoning refractor with God, and red is the only color by which He judges life. What does or did the blood portray during its existence? Does it parallel spiritual life taught by God or does it parallel life taught by those unequally yoked with Him?

It is to enact civil laws for the betterment of men living together. However, if the inward character of people does not match the intent of any law then that law is useless. Human laws may legislate equality but they cannot force equality! The heroic deed of Rosa Parks taking her rightful seat on a city bus on that fateful day she chose to do so is commendable. Subsequently a national law was enacted in her honor. This law made the seats on any public conveyance equal for the use by all riders. This law made the seats equal but it yet fails to make the hearts of those occupying its purpose equal. The seat is just that—a seat. It receives the bodies of any who yet have a cold heart towards the blood of their temporary companion. This law may have been based on good intent but until any man made law is willing to echo God’s law of do unto others it fails towards spiritual equality.

When the law of God is accepted then racism or gun control is not an issue. But because man has the choice to either follow His law or not, the laws of a nation must be enacted to govern and attempt its measure for peace. These work well for the common good among those of a righteous nature. But then, the rest is history.

Man continues struggling to identify and legislate a better way to live when the terror of racism strikes in one of our America communities. The same voices now rise with their suggestions of what others should do to make life better. Without a spiritual change towards God individuals will not change for the better without understanding the worth of Jesus Christ and the covenant with the God of Israel He fulfills. Words like change, Jesus, covenant and Israel are not common buzz words today. They are anathema to those who are willfully ignorant to the ways of God.

The issue of gun control lifts its call for more legislation. This is not the true issue. The issue is not gun control rather being that of individual responsibility. The truth of this responsibility is rooted in God and His purpose for man to live in harmony with Him. Harmony with Him is then harmony with others of the same color blood. We are all called to the unity of the faith not to the unity of doctrine. Because all do not have all the truth, God distributes His doctrines to many different voices for the common good of all. So this ideal brings the question of what to do with or about those who do not abide under the laws of God? Well, the laws of the lands are enacted by its government to maintain peace.

If men do not have God as a major part of their thoughts they are left to their tainted carnal minds that promote deeds far beyond the scope and dignity of a graceful God. A government that allows the removal of any of the teachings of God soon finds itself catering to those who want more of Him removed. This leads to heated discussions about the worth of prayer in public, the issue of separation of Church and state, the removal of ancient Christian artifacts from schools and the city “domain” and for the removal of the Ten Commandments from courts of law. Even the statement of faith from our forefathers of One Nation Under God is now under siege.

This leaves unholy men with the jubilant demonic thought that they are free to go about in life doing their wicked deeds without any reminder that God is alive. When the spiritual codes of life depicted in God’s Word are voided men then learn the demonic “how tos” of life.

There are two doors to life. There is a door to what is right and there is a door to what is wrong in the sense of how God expects men should live in their time. He positions us in life and then shows the way of what we should and should not pick as the fruit for our life. The mandate to Adam never changes—just the faces in this garden of life change. As the faces change before God so should the hearts likewise change. When men choose to establish their personal standards of life without influence from God they have chosen the wrong door.

Morality without God and political correctness without spiritual covenant is a disaster. History proves that life following a path unsanctioned by God never succeeds. Of course man can judge success by his own standards which may work on earth, but that does not mean these standards are sanctioned by heaven. Regardless of personal attitudes God remains the Supreme Judge of His Universe.

So why this shooting tragedy in the Charleston, South Carolina church? This is a church with great history of spiritual correctness. But you see, the shooter was not a member of any church. His readings were not from God’s Word. What the shooter read were materials filled with hatred spewing ways to rid “their world” of undesirables. Those words pronounce standards of non-acceptance upon those not of their personal code of life.

So the question rises time and again, “Why doesn’t God do something to prevent these tragedies?” He does but not to the understanding of many, many people. You will never find a spiritual answer to a carnal question. God has done something! God has intervened in the wayward path of men! In the Garden of Eden He told our first family what they could and could not do and left the choice up to them. Of course, we know the story of how Adam and Eve failed and of the consequences that followed. Following that first attack of terrorism in the Garden God added other laws for men to follow like Thou shall not kill. He leaves the choice and its consequences up to the one who hears this. If one does not hear this from the Bible certainly they are familiar with the laws of the land that remind us that murder is unlawful in this society.

The issue here is not guns but personal responsibility. People living without influence from the Bible will never see life in its spiritual correctness. Theirs is to promote life outlined by non-Biblical views. Attempting to legislate equality in a city transit system by passing a law that says there is no longer a front or rear seat in a public conveyance is useless without a personal change of heart in the riders. Equality as seen by God is noted in the hearts of the fares on board. By the course of the law two people can sit on the same seat but if equality of God’s love is not in both of them there is no equality except in the seat.

The intent of this law, be it God’s or the local government, is good. But the war against what makes love equal smears the intent by actually feeding the hunger of racism and terror. Men have their personal choice of making right seem wrong and of making wrong seem right. See Isaiah 5:20. When God’s spiritual truth fades in a nation it is not long before one can be convinced that wrong is right. This results from Eve’s encounter with Satan in the Garden.

“Why” should not always be the question when terrorism occurs. “Because” should flow with courage from the spirits of committed Christians who know why! Do not allow yourself to be intimidated by political correctness. Choose the righteous path that leads to the righteous door of opportunity and knowledge. Recapture the dialogue in public forums seeking to enact laws that restrict rather than liberate. Sponsor righteous laws. Get out the vote. Pray from the heart Second Chronicles 7:14.

Stand against these insane attacks against Christian liberties in our times. Lead in this cause. Pray in the midst of storms. Walk on the water. Be willing to advance in Holy Spirit. Stand, having done all to stand. Give your weakness to God and He will empower you in all these areas and greatly enhance your courage. Stand to overcome the lies of the devil or his lies will run over you. We must remember the lessons taught from the Bible of what to do when we are enslaved by terror, by a government, by a job or a family. Remember that:


·         Noah was in bondage to a world without spiritual honor but his faithfulness brought Him favor from God. By this favor Noah saved the world.

·         Joseph was in bondage to a government to whom he later brought a new covenant which saved it in times of famine.

·         Jacob was in bondage to family intrigue yet he came face to face with forgiveness.

·         Deborah was an Old Testament prophetess in bondage to the idleness of inert male leaders. She rose to lead Israel to a great victory.

·         Abraham had an illicit affair but overcame family problems to give birth to an Isaac.

·         Isaac gave birth to Jacob who was renamed by God as Israel.

·         Israel as a nation is in bondage to disbelief in Jesus Christ yet they maintain the memory and application of the cycles and rhythms of God.

·         Abigail was in bondage to a fool of a husband. She continued to serve God from the core of her heart and was delivered into His presence modeled by King David.

·         David had his affair and personal remedy for his sin. Yet he repented to erect and maintain the very Throne upon which the King of Kings will occupy on earth.

·         Lot was in bondage to cities of ill repute. He pled his case with God who delivered him back to Abraham through the intervention of angels.

·         The New Testament apostles, prophets and saints are now our guides in the power of Holy Spirit.

·         You and I, at this point in life, are commissioned to likewise follow Holy Spirit’s direction to overcome and see changes unfold for the glory of God.


I commend to you the following five books which are released in these times to explain with deep prophetic insight what Holy Spirit is doing behind the scenes of all the terror and turmoil that seeks to challenge our spiritual choice and its well-being. These books are available on line or you can contact our Victorious Living Chapel Apostolic Center for assistance.


The Seven Mountain Prophecy by Johnny Enlow

The Seven Mountain Mantle by Johnny Enlow

Invading The Seven Mountains With Intercession by Tommi Femrite

Apostolic Centers, Shifting The Church, Changing The World by Alain Caron

One New Man by Daniel Blanton


Remember, there IS victory in YAHshua!



Daniel Blanton

Victorious Living Chapel Apostolic Center

Columbus, Georgia