Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I be told what to preach?

No. However when a mood or move of the Holy Spirit is sensed by spiritual leadership; they are obligated to alert those in the network about that mood or move. Submission beyond that is a matter of the heart, not directives.

2. Is my ministry turned over to somebody else?

No. Spiritual covering is to assist and protect ministry. The one to whom you are submitted is REQUIRED to touch to Lord on your behalf to witness the directions you sense also.

3. What if I disagree with the one over me regarding a matter?

Ministry flows out of relationship. YAHshua (Jesus) spent many hours with the disciples. We see cases where they obviously did not agree nor understand what He was saying or doing. Disagreement is not the issue. The issue is pursuing the matter to its spiritual conclusion. That only comes when trust is established between those pursuing that issue. Leadership is REQUIRED to prove itself trustworthy. After all. Did not the Head of the Body face the same challenge?

4. Will I have to have that leader come to my church and preach?

No. It is out of your own maturity and discernment that you will "read the epistle' of someone to whom you choose to submit your ministry life. What works for you is what works for you. It could be a series of phone calls; or e-mails, or reading anything published by that one you are considering submitting your ministry to. Some simply drop in, unannounced, and visit the church of that leader. Hardly a better way to evaluate a farmer than looking at his field! But the sure confirmation will be a connection manifested by the Holy Spirit. All three of you will just know it is right.

5. What if the ministry I am considering is not under spiritual covering?

It is not realistic to expect one can supply that which they are not willing to partake of themselves. Apostle Danny Blanton is under the spiritual covering of Bishop Bill Hamon, Christian International Ministry's. We would encourage anybody who asked that question to find a mature spiritual leader who has the wisdom to have somebody over their own ministry.


6. Why do you use the names YAHveh and YAHshua? Will our church have to?

YAHveh and YAHshua are the memorial names of God and Jesus respectively. According to Exodus 3:14, 15 God spoke to Moses stating YAHveh "is my memorial name, my name to remember for all generations." That is why we use them. And, no, this is not a have to.

7. I have noticed that you meet on Friday and Saturday, again, why, and would my church have to?

According to Genesis Chapter 1, true Sabbath begins at sundown on Friday and ends at sundown on Saturday. This truth Holy Spirit has required of us. We cannot and do not require it of others.

8. Will it cost me money to belong to your network?

We feel that this type of spiritual relationship, when it is of the Father, reaches a point that yes, you should want to tithe into the ministry of your covering. For instance Bishop Blanton's tithes go to Christian International, not this church. We have it in our MEET Network guidelines, but like anything else, if it's not in your heart, we cannot put it there. But we do ask each member to look at how Apostle Paul's "network" responded.

9. Can I come speak in your church?

Ministry flows out of relationship in the Holy Spirit. And Holy Spirit will direct ministry settings and opportunities in His timing.

10. Would you pray over my ministry and send me some prophecy so I can get a feel of how accurate your word is?

Yes. Just send us some background on your ministry, mission and vision. We will see what the Holy Spirit unveils. 


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