Here are some reasons people deny the need of apostles and prophets today
1. A lack of research on their part. In this fast paced world we live in today, people expect the Church to be just like the world which causes people to "expect" from their own experiences rather than from knowledge from God. He is the God of Israel who never changes. It is people who must change. This change must begin in how we think about God.

2. If God never changes, and the Book of Malachi verifies this, people must slow down and research rather than replace God's directions. People today swallow the error that there were only 12 apostles and that this ministry ceased with the passing of Peter and those who walked with Christ. However, the Bible shows there is the continuing of apostles throughout the early life of the Church.

3. So what happen to the secession of the apostles? Emperor Constantine, c. 321, initiated a lot of governmental changes simply because he as ruler became a believer and wanted everyone else to be so. He changed the pass-over to Easter, the festival of lights to Christmas and made Christianity a national rather than a spiritual religion. By doing this, the Church at large slowly lost its Jewish influence and thereby came the passing of the knowledge of the ministry of the apostles and prophets. These two ministries were slowly ignored by men who themselves replaced what the apostle and prophet's mantle represents.

4. God never changes and neither does His word in Ephesians (4-11-16), which is post resurrection, where it reminds us that Jesus Himself appointed five ministries into the Church. They are apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, and teachers. During the ensuing years, the first two were slowly and methodically dismissed which gave focus to the remaining three. These three and their ministry is not as "confronting" as is that of the apostles and prophets. Carnal man does not like being challenged in his error so the apostles and prophets were/are discredited in their times so their ministry can be denied. What man can discredit he thereby does not have to receive.

5. The reason behind this is Satanic for the apostles are a ministry of order and the prophets are a ministry of confirmation without which the Church wanders in near truth and serving days and festivals not sanctioned by the Holy Spirit. If and when Satan can remove, because of man's ignorance, the ministry of order and confirmation then he has free rein in the Church to promote near-truth and subjects not given by the Holy Spirit.

6. The answer to this problem is for people to truly return to the Lord, forsake man-made doctrines, repent of personal pride, and allow the Father to guide His Church through Christ who died for all of us. KNOWLEDGE IS THE GREATEST WEAPON IN THE UNIVERSE. WITHOUT TRUE KNOWLEDGE, THE CHURCH IS LIKE THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND. By this she walks in circles generation after generation and CHRIST IS HELD IN THE HEAVENS UNTIL THE RESTORATION OF ALL THINGS (Acts 3:21)