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The Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage


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2016 / 5776

The Song of the Lord given to us for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur  (2012)


 Apostle Daniel Blanton

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One Nation UNDER GOD


We are living in times of extreme challenges to America's Spiritual life. With the creation and now world wide availability of the Internet everyone with an opinion is subject to voice theirs. In doing so, positions on either side of a spiritual issue are slowly manifested. An example in the headlines today is one of Freedom of Religion. This phrase is bandied about with little or no firm Spiritual discernment when referring to Islam and their "right" to build a Mosque near ground zero in New York City. Whereas, America is founded as one nation under God, this God must be identified so true "religion" can be understood and thereby applied.

I offer the following insights hoping to bring some clarity and true focus to our One Nation Under God.

* Freedom of religion according to our founding fathers refers to America not having a State oriented Church as that which the Pilgrims came to America to avoid.

* America's freedom of religion is the opportunity to worship God without oversight from the Government. This lack of oversight does not mean separation between Church and State. The Old Testament Prophets and the New Testament Church have always spoken direction to its governmental leaders.

* When the Pilgrims decided to flee from the British Empire, they were seeking to remove themselves from excessive taxation and governmental pressure slowly choking spiritual life from the Church.

* The founding families of America were not fleeing God, they were running to Him.

Now who is this God they were seeking? He is the God of Israel who is the Father of the Spiritual Savior of the world. The thoughts of the early settlers were not focused on any God other that the one of Israel. So, the God of Israel is the God of America. Not Buddha, not Confucius, and surely not Allah. There is only one "religion" on earth sanctified by a Risen Prophet. This is the "religion" of Christianity. Those
"religions" serving prophets who are not risen from the dead may be settled in some good works and purposes. They have the right to worship as they desire. But when it comes to their "religious" rights being cited as equal to Christians I must draw a line in the sand as did Moses in the Book of Exodus.

America is founded with a heart towards the God of Israel and the Savior He provides as an atoning sacrifice for the sins of men. There is a real danger in giving approval to the establishment in America of temples to gods foreign to the God of Israel. History proves that who ever controls the land also controls the "religions" of that land.

May you be blessed as you review this. May you see the truth of how religions foreign to the foundation of America are ever so slowly creeping in among us by using our own freedoms against us. Political correction is a real culprit in supporting this spiritual invasion. Opinions divide men. It is ones faith
in the true God of Israel that unites believers in Christ.

                              Apostle Daniel Blanton                                    


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The First 10 Amendments

  1. Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion and Petition
  1. Right to keep and bear arms
  1. Conditions for quarters of soldiers
  1. Right of search and seizure regulated
  1. Provisions concerning prosecution
  1. Right to a speedy trial, witnesses, etc.
  1. Right to a trial by jury
  1. Excessive bail, cruel punishment
  1. Rule of construction of Constitution
  1. Rights of the States under Constitution




Network of Churches



For Five Fold Ministers Needing Spiritual Covering

Apostolic Connections Based On:

  • Mutual Benefits

  • Common Goals

  • Fellowship

  • Crisis Management

  • Strategic Planning

True apostolic ministry is a heart to connect, not just seeking a place to speak and collect an honorarium!



SPOTLIGHTING: Pastor Gene Force in Costa Rica  and Pastor Freddy Chacon -  The newest members of our growing network!


Pastor/Evangelist Freddy Chacon

Pastor Gene Force




If you have read this far perhaps what is in your heart IS to have someone  providing perimeter defense for your YAHveh-God called ministry. Whereas something more local is not available for you; perhaps allowing Holy Spirit to identify in you a witness between what He has put in your heart and what you discover about  M.E.E.T. makes this the ideal resource for you.

We offer to your our servants mantle. We are not interested in running you  church. That has been put into your hands and your heart. We are a tested and mature ministry operating in the five fold offices of Ephesians Chapter 11. We have Apostle Daniel  Blanton, trained and seasoned and with a heart for pastors and others. He will provide for you the support and on call assistance you need on pastoring your church. YOU need a pastor too!

We have the confidence in the Holy Spirit that what we have gained can and ought to be shared with other ministry's.

If you HAVE NOT read the FAQ's we suggest that you stop and look at them. We are not for everybody, we know that. But we believe that Divine Direction puts paths together. Nothing in the Kingdom is by chance.

If you have a sensing of the times we live you can see that Island Ministry is  a thing of the past. The Mighty One is a "joiner together." nd let it be known that our apostle is submitted to Bishop Bill Hamon as his covering.

We submit our ministry to your for questions and inquiry. 

 You can purchase a book or two from our church bookstore, such as:

" The Office of the Apostle "

by Apostle Daniel Blanton


Page 171:

" The Church has been true to parts of the Gospel of the Kingdom and yet failed in others. The major part has centered on Salvation and going to heaven. Praise YAHveh for these pioneering truths. However, everyone does not immediately  go to heaven when they are saved . Life is still in the here and now requiring believers to be given meat of life beyond the milk of salvation."

Want to know more? Interested in dialogue? 

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Restoring a Neighborhood

Camp out across from suspected drug dealers.

We have done several campouts and neighborhood marches!  the battle continues! The prostitutes and crack dealers are  not our enemy, the spirits that drive them are!




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    Apostle Blanton...By Faith

Left a successful Military career to answer the call on his life.

By Faith...

Entered into and established M.E.E.T, the corporate entity of this church, sowing into it's birth.

By Faith...

Established a live 24 hour Prayer line for counsel and prayer without a staff, which YAHveh (God) added after Apostle Blanton's step of faith.

By faith...

Left a secure position within a denominational church to bring Victorious Living Chapel to life.

By Faith...

By faith leased with option to buy, a sanctuary with two adjoining building, having NO congregation and NOT building on a split.

By Faith...

Arranged the financing by inviting the lenders to walk the site, one of them saying, "Let's see if the ground shakes!"

 The financing was granted!

By Faith...

Prayed over a dead man who came back to life, preaching and declaring the Kingdom of YAHveh (God ) to all who would listen.

By faith...

Continues to operate in faith and give glory to the One True YAHveh (God)  who has been so faithful in all He has provided.

By faith...

Has secured a neighborhood crack house, restoring it, and turning it into a Christian Training Center, trusting YAHveh (God) for the finances.


James 2:18 "Now someone may argue, "Some people have faith; others have good deeds."  I say, "I can't see your faith if you don't have good deeds, but I will show you my faith through my good deeds."

2 Corinthians 5 :7  For we walk by faith, not by sight.


by Apostle Daniel Blanton 

Spiritual discernment tells me that major changes continue to flow and are promised to the Church in the immediate future.  They are numerous and challenging!  These changes affect “old time religion” and the concepts that molded generational views of the Church. Most humans detest change of any kind.  Whether the change is provoked by a spiritual revelation, a personal relocation, a new job, new ways of doing an old job, relations and such, most resist the effort it takes to make necessary changes.  Even when some changes are embraced, they are coordinated with murmuring and distrust.  This attitude is uniquely recorded in the Old and New Testament concerning people of the first Exodus.  This attitude against change is a major reason for friction between people of carnal or spiritual relationships.  People always think the “other person“ is the one needing change.  It is sad to note that in the midst of such wonderful changes happening in the Church, a lot of people remain agenda conscious rather than focusing on the move of the Holy Spirit. The only agenda that should matter to us is the agenda of YAHveh.  He knows how to interpret and release His Word.  We are but to flow with what He releases.  There is presently too much carnal interpretation of His Word from people who refuse to CHANGE.   

Chapter Three of Malachi tells us that YAHveh never changes!  However, YAHveh is all about change and this is the “thing” that challenges people in their daily walk.  Although He does not change, He really is all about change.  Because He does not change, it is incumbent upon believers in YAHshua to change according to the revelation and the Word we receive from Him.  YAHveh is all about CHANGE!  He sent His Son to show us the way to CHANGE.  His Word is recorded in the Bible to give us a record of the CHANGES He requires.  This requirement is centered in leaving the carnal way (which people hate to do) to embrace the” New Way” of life in Messiah YAHshua.  A failure to change is a presumptuous attitude laced with indifference.  The indifference of Esau robbed him of his birthright.  He was so hungry for stew (carnal things) that he failed to see the spiritual change promised over his life.  Many “believers” in this hour continue to eat “stew” and are ignoring the changes YAHveh expects in them.  They are ignoring their spiritual birthright! Tremendous CHANGES are about the Church today.  These CHANGES exceed the popular ones permeating the Body of Messiah in this time.  Salvation is the first step towards these changes.  However, salvation is the beginning of a new life many fail to see.  Stew continues to satisfy their appetite.  ONE NEW MAN is coming forth from the pages of the Bible to mold lives of those who have set aside their stew to become ONE NEW MAN.  This ONE NEW MAN is the image of YAHshua Messiah - MESSIAH IN ME, THE HOPE OF GLORY!  Let each hungry soul truly CHANGE.  These CHANGES only require the attitude of submission and obedience to the direction of YAHveh.  Anything less is total failure.