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This Prophetic Ministry comes from a woman prophet with a pastor's heart reaching to other women.  It speaks Heart to Heart from the Father to His handmaidens.  There are many heartaches, disappointments, failures, and unmet expectations among handmaidens today.  Carnal man continues to warp spiritual truth attempting to "keep women in their place."  The Father says no more!  This is the time of His restoring and releasing women into their prophetic and apostolic ministry.  These Heart to Heart messages give prophetic direction to help handmaidens move into the fullness of their calling.


During the holidays, from Thanksgiving to New Year celebrations, we are busy shopping, cooking and eating big meals, exchanging gifts and visiting with family and friends. Now the holidays are over.  We settle into our “normal” routine. 

This is a very difficult time of year for anyone who is suffering.  There are tragedies of every kind: accidents, illnesses, family breakups and financial woes. BUT there is another side of this!  No matter the tragedy we face, no matter if depression and despair seek to replace happiness and joy, we are never left without hope. 

Life is not a string of accidental circumstances. There is an unseen spiritual dimension that can always draw us to YAHveh’s love, mercy and grace!  

The book of Lamentations is written by Prophet Jeremiah because the people were continually ignoring YAHveh. These verses are saturated with the misery of the people of Jerusalem, yet there is HOPE.  Chapter Three details the slaughter and devastation as the city is overrun.  Yet, Jeremiah gives reason to man’s best hope to go on…YAHveh’s great LOVE. To counteract the affliction and sadness, Jeremiah speaks of YAHveh’s compassion, His faithfulness, His goodness, and His salvation : 

But in my mind I keep returning to something,   something that gives me hope – 

that the grace of ADONAI is not exhausted,  that his compassion has not ended.

 (On the contrary,) they are new every morning!  How great your faithfulness!

“Adonai is all I have,”   I say; “therefore I will put my hope in him.”

                                                                        Lamentations 3:21-24 Complete Jewish Bible 

It is remarkable!  No matter what we might be suffering, we can be certain that YAHveh will never leave us hopeless.

Pastor Emily Dawn Blanton Y



Jesus prayed privately and publicly to give evidence to others that YAHveh does answer prayer.  While He was on the earth, from the time He was baptized to His last words on the cross, YAHshua was constantly praying.  His miracles, deliverances, manifestations, healings and teachings were answers to His prayers!  He said He could do nothing which the Father did not reveal to Him. This tells us YAHshua KNEW and always KNOWS the will of the Father.  God’s will for us is to set aside carnal fear and move in the power of love that sent Christ to earth.  Regardless of the agony in the decision making process, we must move beyond self and pray the will of YAHveh.  Our flesh does not want to suffer, endure, overcome, please the Father, pray, or do anything spiritual!  

 YAHshua does not just talk about the need  to pray,  He is in constant prayer and communication with Father. Today, the Church prays on earth and YAHshua prays in heaven for a common spiritual purpose to “see” His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.  Just like with Jesus all believers must choose a lifestyle of prayer if they want to live a victorious life. The prayers of YAHshua are a proven fact that answered prayers bring glory to YAHveh.  YAHshua prayed constantly and this became the motivation for the Holy Spirit to move on His behalf.


Praying in the will of YAHveh is to pray for the salvation of others for it is His will that ALL should come to repentance.  It is His will that believers grow in grace and knowledge.  We can pray for His will to give us wisdom, insight, and progressive revelation necessary for spiritual growth.  It is YAHveh’s will that people be healed, live in covenant, move and find their being in Him!

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