An Apostles Doctrine - Insight On Abortion 

Apostle Daniel Blanton


          As society becomes more and more ďmodern,Ē the ways and means of life given in the Bible seem to fade from view among many.  The results of a fading view of the Word of God are those choices made apart from the will of God.  The Bible does depict that God gives society the right to choose their path in life whether it be according to His leadings or those of a personal nature which may be contrary to His hope for the chooserís life.  In the Garden of Eden it is noted in the dialogue between God and the initial society He created to live therein, Adam and Eve, that as He taught them what they could and could not eat, the issue was not food.   The issue was choice.  Having heard what the Lord said about the results that would follow disobedience to His teachings, man and woman were given choice.  This says God does not create robots that are programmed without choice or decision as to whether or not they desire to follow Godís teachings.


          God did not create society members as robots programmed to serve Him without choice.  The truest picture of love is that of one choosing to follow Godís teachings born of their own free will to do so.  It is noted here that all who have this God given choice do not choose to follow His teachings.  Therefore, resulting from this are those avenues one takes which are not sanctioned by God.  But the choice is there for one to take regardless of what God may say about what is chosen.  Men and women can create many reasons for the choices they make.  In giving their reasons, they are using their God-given right to choose the path they defend in doing so. 


          Oft times this defense of choice can become quite violent, friendships may be tarnished, lifeís direction may be altered, even national laws can be enacted which rewrite the spiritual theory of life.  Those of one or the other persuasion of life and the teachings of God separate into ďsidesĒ each challenging the right of the other to choose concerning whatever the issue may be.  Each one standing for their side of issues believe in the deepest part of their being they are right, and of course, the other side is wrong.  These sides actually draw a mental line in the sands of life which results in a visceral face-off often producing violent protests against the other.  This attitude and position is most certainly prevalent in todayís ďmodernĒ society concerning abortion and other such face-offs like gun control, immigration and same sex marriages and its ancillary issues.


          Of course this writer believes if one would only and truly visit the Bible more often than just passing it by as it lies on the coffee table or stands on a bookshelf, life and its direction according to those printed spiritual doctrines could avail themselves to oneís sense of spiritual reason.  Thereby and whereas one rightly discerns God gives choice in all these areas, oneís right to choose is discerned to be Biblically correct when it magnifies Godís way, even to the dying of personal choice to do otherwise.


          The ďissueĒ of abortion centers on life and the womanís right to choose.  The Bible agrees with the womanís right to choose.  However, when it comes to the issue of life, the decision about that is Godís alone.  Even if an individual does not believe in God the fact remains that man is not his own creator. Man does have the choice to either believe in the God of Israel or as many do, create or follow a personal religion with its false god.  This false god always serves the personal nature of self and demands much from the individual which serves to make one feel religious.  The God of Israel is the one true God who serves life and truth to men who will receive His doctrine.  Even if one does not adhere to Biblical teachings life goes on.  Men who live thusly then create laws based on near truth which serve the carnal choices of those governed by its tenets.  It needs be said here that perhaps choice is the greatest gift God ever presented to man.  The primary teaching about this choice is it should be exercised towards Godís leadings.  To choose otherwise is to follow an unsanctioned spiritual path paved with choices serving causes that omit God from oneís decision making process.


          The contention surrounding abortion is fueled by several ďmodernĒ concerns such as:


                   1.  A womanís right to choose.

                   2.  The right to life.

                   3.  When does life actually begin?

                   4.  When is abortion legal?

                   5.  At what stage does a fetus develop life?

                   6.  What about pregnancy resulting from rape?

                   7.  What about the womanís health in view of an unusual pregnancy?

                   8.  Is abortion actually murder?

                   9.  If abortion is not legal those women who do not want to give birth for whatever reason visit the alleys and back streets to see the end of their                              pregnancy.


Of course there are other questions which rise in discussion about abortion.  The nine listed above do seem to be those most in focus in Washington, hospitals, homes, clinics and lives on either side of this choice. 


          The number nine is somewhat interesting here.  According to Hebraic teachings outlined in Numbers in Scripture by E. W. Bullinger, Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mi. 49501, the number nine represents judgment.  It is the last of the digits and marks the end, and is significant of the conclusion of a matter.  It marks the completeness, the end of an issue of all things as to man -- the judgment of man and all his works.  Nine is a factor of 666, which are 9 times 74.  The solemn amen, or verily of our Lord, amounts also to 99, summing up and ending His words.  The sum of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet is 4995 (5 x 999).  It is stamped, therefore, with the numbers of grace and finality.  Please note there are nine Justices elected to the American Supreme Court.


          When God speaks as the Bible notes He is judging, or giving His conclusion to man as to the path of life we should pursue.  Choosing His path is to live in His grace.  To choose otherwise is to pronounce your personal judgment is what is right for you.  This of course results in a life contrary to Godís will. If you do not allow God to judge your path in life then you are placing yourself under your own judgment.   Resulting from this personal decision to live apart from Godís path are those nine questions listed above which become the judgmental cries from those seeking to be the voice of life and its relative issues.  I echo here again, choice is personal and is the God given right of every human.  Having said that, it is incumbent upon each who seeks to please Him to leave the matters of life and death to His standards.  Beware of those who seek to enact laws which give the false hope of making something legal that is forbidden by Godís Constitution and By-Laws.  I ask the question here, ďThat if a fetus is not alive in the womb of its mother, then why is there a debate to determine when it is legally correct to kill it?Ē  The best way to avoid abortions is to never get pregnant under terms not sanctioned by the Bible.  It is sad to realize that in some parts of American society today abortion has become a method of birth control.  Yes, there are some rare cases when abortion may be warranted but not so as seen in the wholesale slaughter authorized by the nine judgmental questions noted above.  America has taken the judgment of life and death away from God by its enactment of those abortion laws authorized by the nine judges of its Supreme Court.


          Of course those following the teachings of the Bible maintain their choice concerning this debate.  Those who do not now have their authorization for abortion from a self-imposed system taking unto itself the right to enact laws violating the heart of God. Listed below are some Scriptures from The Message Bible cited for your review Ö


          Exodus 21:22-25 -- When there is a fight and in the fight a pregnant woman is hit so that she miscarries but is not otherwise hurt the one responsible has to pay whatever the husband demands in compensation. But if there is further damage, then you must give life for life Ö This passage teaches the laws of life in the womb.  If that life is harmed, then you must give life for life.


          Ecclesiastes 11:5 -- Just as youíll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, so youíll never understand the mystery at work in all that God doesÖ

Life is not explained in human terms.  There are just some things that must be accepted by faith, if you are to believe in God, and in this faith accept there are things about life we do not know.  But we do know life.


          Psalm 139:1-16 -- God, investigate my life; get all the facts firsthand.  Iím an open book to you; even from a distance, you know what Iím thinking.  You know when I leave and when I get back; Iím never out of your sight.  You know everything Iím going to say before I start the first sentence.  I look behind me and youíre there, then up ahead and youíre there, too -- your reassuring presence, coming and going.  This is too much, too wonderful -- I canít take it all in!


                                      Is there any place I can go to avoid your Spirit?  To be out of your sight?  If I climb to the sky, youíre there! If I go underground, youíre there!  If I flew on morningís wings to the far western horizon, youíd find me in a minute -- youíre already there waiting!  Then I said to myself, ďOh, he even sees me in the dark!  At night Iím immersed in the light!Ē  Itís a fact: darkness isnít dark to you; night and day, darkness and light, theyíre all the same to you.


                                     Oh yes, you shaped me first inside, then out; you formed me in my motherís womb.  I thank you, High God -- youíre breathtaking!  Body and soul, I am marvelously made!  I worship in adoration -- what a creation!  You know me inside and out, you know every bone in my body; you know exactly how I was made, bit by bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something.  Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you.  The days of my life all prepared before Iíd lived one day.  


          These magnificent verses make plain the spiritual answers to the nine judgmental questions by which those not living to magnify Godís judgment about life choose to interpret as their personal and legal authority for abortion.  Note the following answers from Godís Word to those nine questions...


                   1.  A woman has the right to choose.  This is noted by Eveís life in the Garden of Eden.

                   2.  The right to life is God given and no man has the right, except in the pertinent case of law, to take anotherís life.

                   3.  Life begins at conception and continues through to birth and beyond.

                   4.  Abortion is legal in case of death of the fetus.

                   5.  The fetus develops life at conception.

                   6.  In the case of conception resulting from rape, the fetus should not be punished by aborting its life.

                   7.  If the womanís health is threatened then Exodus 21 provides an answer.  This is a hard position for the woman to be in but life not death should be the main consideration.

                   8.  Abortion is considered murder by the Bible.

                   9.  Although it will not be widely considered the times for proper sex must be the norm so one does not have to face an unwanted pregnancy.


          The spiritual answers to the nine questions by which many determine their course towards abortion are available to the one who choose the direction to please God or to follow the carnal path of personal satisfaction.  Life with God is not a hard path.  Its requirement is simply to live your life for God.  One who chooses otherwise follows that hard personal path resulting in deep hurts and devastating disappointments.

One whose chooses that alternative path comes to terms with God at a later date


          When one who chose that alternative path comes to terms with God at a later date, He is every ready to forgive, heal and restore.  Confession and repentance are good for the soul.  It is Godís choice to receive one who comes to Him through His Son Jesus Christ.