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I Wonder. What happens when I die?

This is the question some of us ponder. The answer some of  us contemplate. The outcome some approach scientifically. The views that many espouse. The doubts that many voice. The arguments that many put forth. The opinions that many maintain. What happens when I die?

But none can overcome the reality that the death of our natural man is inevitable. It awaits all of us. Those of us who have given our lives into GOD's hands have the comfort of knowing that we also have placed our death into those same hands.

Our approach is simplistic in that it is based on a “belief”. It is complex in that we have not entered into this without study, instruction and a real encounter with His Presence. He is as real to us as anything in our lives, and He can be just that real to you.

Have you too pondered, considered, or contemplated life after death? Let us make an invitation to you. Let us invite you to join us in Eternal Life through Jesus Christ, YAHshua HaMaschia, the Son of the Living God.

It is after all, simply a change of heart! Its is easy. An act of repentance. Changing the way I think and wanting to change the way I live.

It can start right now. A simple confession. Say the following , and say it to God, from your heart;

“ I confess that I have sinned and am a sinner. I confess that Jesus Christ, is the Son of God, come to earth as a man, crucified for my sins, and He rose from the grave, victorious over death and this He did for us. . I invite Jesus into my heart and life, He is my savior! I believe I am saved! Victory over death is mine through Him! ”

I once wondered, but NOW I know!

We encourage you to find a local church and begin to study His word. You will find it is full of present day wisdom to guide you to a victorious life. If we can be of any help, or if you have any questions please contact us and we pledge our assistance!

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