The Supreme Court and Same Sex Marriage

An Apostles Doctrine  - Apostle Daniel Blanton


The date is March 26, 2013 on the Gentile calendar.  According to the Jewish calendar it is Nisan 15th, 5773.  America’s attention is drawn to its Supreme Court where in a decision is sought by those petitioners seeking their “constitutional right to enter into same sex marriage.”  This petition is at best awkward because its presentation is before the wrong Supreme Court.  America has declared itself to be one nation under God. This “God” is understood to be the God of Israel.  This God is He who has established His constitution and by-laws of the universe and recorded them in the Bible.  

             If America expects to remain one nation under God then such petitions as this should be adjudicated before the Supreme Court of the universe and not the Supreme Court of America.  America’s Supreme Court is formed by nine individuals.  There are diverse opinions among these nine people.  Some form their decisions from knowledge of the constitution and by-laws of the universe and some do not.  This present American court seems to be divided against itself in cases requiring spiritual knowledge be the foremost strength from which to rule.  Public opinion and political persuasions now seem to be the direction for this court.  Some fail to remember that according to Jewish lore, nine is the number of God’s judgment.  The Supreme Court of the land should always render their judgments according to God’s written code. Otherwise they establish a law unto themselves.  This is dangerous because it is forbidden by the God of Israel whom America has pledged to be its covering.    

            As cases are presented to the Supreme Court of the land there are two sides of the legal argument.  One side is for the idea and one is not.  The Court sits to decide according to the nine votes, or total judgment, of the presiding justices.  Their judgment takes into consideration the presentation by the two attorneys. Subsequently, a rendering is posted based on the weight of the pros and cons and the personal input from the nine.  This input can violate the principles of the Supreme Court of the universe if a decision is formed from a political or personal opinion not founded in this court’s already published laws, commands and statues about life on earth.  It is important for American citizens to understand this. Why?  Because a decision made by the Supreme Court of the land that violates an already established principle by the Ancient of Days is prohibitive.  One cannot make a law that violates another law!  

            A hidden agenda in this case of same sex marriages before the Supreme Court of the land is that it seeks to make spiritual that which God has declared as unspiritual.  Pro and con opinions of this case should not matter if the Supreme Court of the land would stand on the principles of the higher Supreme Court of the universe.  But this thought is over shadowed by the pro’s argument that times in America are changing!  This thought was even noted in the recent election for a new Pope.  Hope in the selection was for a man who would “change” things.  These hoped for things to be changed was the Church’s attitude about the very case before the American Supreme Court of the land.  The world at large is proclaiming times are changing.  It is now time to change old attitudes about abortion, same sex marriages, gay life styles, and provide equal rights for those in such life styles.  A prevailing theme in this declaration is, it is our constitutional right to be free to do what we want to do to be happy.  The life style of gays and such is now declared by the pro’s to be their civil rights.  They declare themselves to be persecuted and discriminated against as were those in the Civil Rights led by Dr. Martin Luther King and other great leaders of that movement.  Well, let me say that the cases of Civil Rights activists and the gay lifestyle movement are not the same.  The Civil Rights movement is based on spiritual principles recorded in the laws, commands and statues of the Supreme Court of the universe.  The “rights” of the gay lifestyle movement are not recorded therein.  

            The principles for equality sought by the Civil Rights movement are founded in the Exodus of the Old Testament.  The Jews were in bondage to Egypt and through a series of nine plagues and the leadership of Moses they were set free by God. The freedom to make a gay life style spiritual is to seek God to change His word.  The prophet Malachi teaches that the God of Israel “does not change“, ergo, His Supreme Court will not make something spiritual on Earth that He has declared from heaven to be unlawful. A Supreme Court of the land may issue a decision that favors public opinions, politics, and so called “changing times.”  This does not mean it is a correct spiritual decision that the Supreme Court of the universe will condone. That court has already declared and recorded in its Book that presents God’s code of ethics for life what the “pros” of this issue seek is unlawful.  From heaven homosexuality is forbidden in Leviticus 18:22; considered an abomination in I Kings 14:24; is punished in Leviticus 20:13; and rendered unclean in Romans 1:24; 26-27.  God, the Supreme Judge of the universe does allow yearly seasons to change.  It is another story when it comes to changing His eternal Word.  Daniel 2:21 records that times and the seasons are in the hands of the Creator. This does not allow for the changing of His Word but rather speaks to His removing or setting up kings. 

            In this debate the pros stated, “children of same sex parents want their parents to be accepted, to be normal.  It was also said that the trends of acceptance of homosexuality among young people was growing.  Sure, what would one expect when Christianity experiences the present day attacks seeking to erode its truth and its foundation.  Prayer is frowned upon, Christian mementos are shunned in public, Church is pronounced to be old fashioned, every element of Christian expression is labeled prejudiced, and the Church surely seems to be asleep in the midst of all this.  No wonder it seems times are changing and young people are more tolerant of homosexuality.  When traditional Christian ethics and mementos are removed from public view their atmosphere of decision becomes one sided at best.  Without influence from the Church certainly adverse decisions and lifestyles will be the norm.   

            The Bible continues to be warred.  Remove it and you remove the major apologetics outlining the issue of same sex marriage being heard by the Supreme Court of the land.  As stated above, the hidden agenda among the pros is to legalize or make spiritual that which is unholy.  Remove the spiritual argument against this case and you have a group of people seeking to live contrary to spiritual righteousness.  The Supreme Court of the land cannot legislate equality.  The Supreme Court of the land cannot make right what the Supreme Court of the universe declares to be wrong.  The Supreme Court of the land cannot approve what the Supreme Court has disapproved.  Enacting a decision to approve the same sex marriage request does not make that law or decision spiritually correct.  If America intends to remain one nation under God then this and other such requests must be considered from the standpoint of what the Supreme Court of the universe has recorded. 

            As God disapproves of something like same sex marriage and other related lifestyles His decision does not mean His love fades for the pros.  God loves everyone, regardless of their past and present lifestyle.  But love is not approval of a lifestyle that is forbidden by Scripture.  God loves and He understands a personal right of anyone to make a decision to live as they choose.  However, love is not approval.  His love is His understanding of the rights of personal choice regardless of what His Word requires.  Do not allow love and approval to be mixed here in exercising personal choice to live outside the boundaries of His Word. When the court of public opinion overrides the decrees of the Supreme Court of the universe that society is on a fast track to judgment.  This is declared from the Judgment Bar of heaven where Jesus presides as the Attorney at Law.  The Law of His attorney ship is recorded as the Law of Moses, or in the Hebrew, Torah.  To the Gentiles this is the first five books of the Bible. 

            Men who establish law by following the hunger of their flesh open themselves to punishment ordered by the Supreme Court of the universe.  The Holy Spirit of God is His refining fire given to men for our education in His ways and means for life.  To ignore this Holy Fire is to accept by personal choice an avenue into the lake of fire.  One of these fires will save and educate you and the other will incarcerate you.  According to the Bible life’s end promises eternity to follow.  Personal choices will map your final path thereto. 

            The choices made by a nation serve to finalize before which Supreme Court they chose to submit.  The court of public opinion can never rise to the position of God and should be avoided at all personal cost when it seeks to amend Spiritual Law. When a nation seeks to rule contrary to God’s Law, even though it declares itself to be one nation  under God, its slogan becomes words from human lips and not from a redeemed heart.  When the heart, or spirit of man is not redeemed to the cause of God then there is no King in that unredeemed heart.  It is recorded in Judges 29:25, In those days there was no king in Israel; everyone did what was right in his own eyes.         

            Where are you headed America when you ignore the Supreme Court of the universe to seek a way that seems right in your own eyes.  Two of the six things God hates in Proverbs 6:16-19 are, A proud look (false pride), and a heart that devises wicked plans (choosing life contrary to God’s Law).  Where are you headed America when you live in such an attitude?  It is not only prayer that God seeks from men.  He seeks obedience to His Word which should be foundational in all requests submitted to Him.  It is reported that one of the sitting Justices asked an attorney talking for the pros, “How does this (same sex marriage) offend the traditional institution of marriage?”   

            Upon hearing that, I felt an awesome weight, a Holy silence in my inner man, a fear I never experienced before as I heard Holy Spirit of the God of the Supreme Court of the universe whisper in a small still voice, “Do you not even know the state is not the institution of marriage?  Do you not even know that I Am the one who established the institution of marriage?  Do you not even know, have you not heard what I have said about marriage?  You offend me by making common what I have declared to be Holy.  Remember the times of Sodom and Gomorrah.”

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