By:  Bishop Daniel Blanton 

Moves Of the Holy Spirit 

In the October 2005 issue of Eye on the Kingdom outlined those major moves of the Holy Spirit that have occurred at Victorious Living chapel over an average of every two years. These moves have included FAITH; viewing the KINGDOM OF GOD in a different dimension; WARFARE, PRAYER, AND PRAISE; studies in HEBRAIC ROOTS; as well as the concept of the ONE NEW MAN in Messiah. The foundation and four walls that makeup our spiritual ministries have evolved as a result of growth in these areas. These walls are now covered with the roof of RESTORATION and RESOURCES. The SPIRITUAL DOORS of Victorious Living chapel are constructed in the FIVE-FOLD MINISTRY. These walls, coverings, and doors complete a prototype of the spiritual tabernacle mentioned in Revelation 21:3, constructed with living stones that are fitly-joined together, each supplying the part another has need of.

V. L.C.’s ministry will grow in and with those living stones that come to join us.

My previous article concluded with the prophetic statement   “Beyond building a strong pulpit, a strong praise and worship department, and beyond building strong intercessors, He now begin to build a strong local church body. This will fulfill my vision of May 1977. Thousands wait in the shadows, soon to come forth into their spiritual destiny. I really can see better days ahead. There IS victory in YAHshua.”


A Prophet Is Sent 

On June 2nd and 3rd, Victorious Living Chapel received the ministry of Prophet Bill Lackie of Christian International Ministries of Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Bill Hamon is the presiding Bishop over Christian International. The ministry of Prophet Bill affirmed the absolute timing of the Holy Spirit. After much praying and fasting, the congregation of Victorious Living Chapel received his message with great anticipation. The Holy Spirit had earlier revealed that “the birthing of a baby” would take place, bringing with it, fullness in our ministry here at V.L.C.  As the services began, our praise and worship rose to a higher dimension, as Father began to inhabit our praises.


Light Is Bestowed Upon The believers 

Prophet Lackie preached a two part series on Light, and how it is bestowed upon Believers.  His message issued a prophetic challenge to evolve higher. His acknowledgement of an immediate shift occurring in the universal Church, and thus in our own, was reflected in V.L.C.’s long standing vision as a house of worship and the releasing of its spiritual purpose. The Holy Spirit confirmed completion of the foundation and four spiritual walls, now making possible the “birthing of a baby.”

We soon realized this baby is the strong body encompassed by such walls and this baby is the seed prophecy received by victorious Living Chapel in October 1982 : 

“ Everything that I’ve done, saith God, I’ve done in the embryo stage. Everything that I’ve started, I‘ve started in the stage of the seed.  That’s the way I started all my creation, saith the spirit of Grace, in the embryo stage, in the stage of a sperm (emphasis on the stage of the sperm is mine) and of the seed. What you see here (at VLC) is just a small beginning. What you see here is just the embryo of what will become a spiritual giant. But, it will have to be nurtured, and it will have to be watered and fertilized, and this is your part. I’ve done my part saith god. I’ve called my prophets and my teachers to you to plow the ground and to plant seed and what will be is in the first stages as you listen to this. So, know this, there is a time of gestation, a time of growth, there is a time of harvest, and the time for planting for your harvest is now. So, gather your bushels together, sharpen your scythes and your sickles and get ready to go into the harvest because there is a great harvest and I’m calling you to set the stage and to become a living example and witness to the people that will come behind you. There are many so prepare the way and get ready to do those things that I’ve told you to do. And I put you in remembrance my little ones, my chosen ones, the ones who will take my message, I put you in remembrance again tonight, I tell you afresh and anew, there is an enemy and he is out to devour you. But the Greater One lives within you and He has put you over.

So, be aware, be aware just as the battle began as you went out as an army before, realize, that Satan will come to divide, Satan will come to destroy, to keep you from doing the very thing I’ve called you to do. The Kingdom of God must be put into action before I can come, saith the Lord of Truth.” 

The Prophetic Sperm Matures To Full Term 

This prophecy mentions “the stage of the sperm” and this is where V.L.C. has remained for years. This spiritual sperm has been attacked, denied by many, questioned as to its practice of Kingdom theology and in many other areas. However, even through it has almost died three times, the sperm continued to grow into a small unseen and undistinguished body. The periodic ultra sounds performed by the Holy Spirit confirmed like, and that it was growing in its spiritual direction.

Sometimes others could not detect movement and thought the sperm might be still-born. That was not the case! The sperm matured in its faith; in its Kingdom of God demonstration; in its warfare praise and prayer; in its understanding of Hebraic roots; in its concept and call of the One New Man; and in its spiritual authority, as demonstrated by the five-fold ministry of this Church.

This sperm matured and began to demand life. Birth pains were experienced. Anticipation was high. Travail and agony prevailed as birth pains increased. (Will birth ever come? Why can’t others see what we’re about? Why denial from so many, as we fast and pray over our need to produce life?)  These are the pains and thoughts associated with giving birth. 

The Birth of a Spiritual Baby 

A prophet was among us, assisting in this call for life, bringing forth this baby to meet its prophetic destiny. The members of victorious Living chapel were poised, like doctors, ready to deliver and catch the new-born, so it would not fall to the floor and die. The prophetic sperm has now matured into a newborn spiritual baby and Victorious Living Chapel WILL NEVER BE THE SAME!

In the timing of YAHveh, V.L.C. comes through the canal of pressure and wonderment to answer the call given by faith, lived in faith, and now produced by faith, to become the spiritual giant it is called to be. This spiritual giant it is called to be. This spiritual giant is not of the Goliath spirit, but of the Spirit of YAHveh. Unlike Goliath, this giant will stand in the Holy Spirit, and continue to mature in its mission “to make known to principalities and powers in heavenly places the manifest wisdom of God.” This we will do in the mantle of ONE NEW MAN, fortified by the experiences of faith that brings us beyond the foundation and the putting of walls into place. We will now begin to experience the fullness of ministry release. 

A Major Spiritual Shift 

There is now a major spiritual shift at Victorious Living Chapel. A baby has been birthed.  As it was in the days of Moses and YAHshua, the world which does not understand spiritual things, may issue a decree for its abortion.  However, we shall survive and grow into a spiritual prototype of the tabernacle, filled with worship as seen in Revelation 21:1-3.

As in any birth, physical or spiritual, there is always a placenta or afterbirth. This placenta is necessary for the growth of the sperm, but at the time of birth is removed and discarded. I see spiritual placenta as those previous moves of the Holy Spirit and those doctrines necessary for growth of the universal Church, yet unchanging when a new move of Holy Spirit comes. This began with certain Hebrews, in the face of the earthly ministry of YAHshua, who would not change and “go with the flow” of the Holy Spirit.  It is evident today in those Hebrews who confess spiritual life, yet fail to see the truth of the One New Man in YAHshua. They choose to remain in doctrines of man and in his traditions.  As we boast in the birth of our baby, (I feel like passing out cigars, but most would not understand why), we continue to pray for the salvation of Israel.


Congratulations Victorious Living Chapel, a major shift of love and responsibility is now upon you.