A Spiritual Walk

from Apostle Daniel Blanton


Recently as I reflected on the Christmas season and all its worldly and carnal offerings I heard the Holy Spirit say, “This is to be a spiritual walk!” After receiving this, He has enlightened its insight. I offer this to you in the hopes it will assist you in the days ahead.

“Most lives are spent in looking for moments, things, - all of which will pass with time. This is experienced like the passage of music. When the song ends another is sought so as to extend the moment, the memory the song represents, or the hope it extends. When the music ends there is still the present hunger for another to be played. This is one of the reasons “oldies” are so popular. Millions are made from their being offered and reoffered in updated formats to the public. The oldies touch a moment in time when a life was, at least for that moment, experiencing some measure of happiness, hope, love, promise, and the like.

This fosters lust for memories which will extend a bygone time. Marriages fail because the “feeling” between two spouses, who should grow in oneness, “is not what it used to be.” This can mean the joy of the hunt is over and the time to grow together is very challenging. It is no “fun” to realize the one you selected has some human flaws which, according to one of the spouses, needs some immediate attention to change. So, the one who yearns for the “oldie” feeling, who misses the challenge and excitement of finding that initial deep feeling of love and promise, looks adventurously for a “new song that will feed the oldie moment. Thereby, the promise of becoming one in marriage is separated against itself when the one spouse changes the dial on the station of life. Vows made at the marriage altar refocus on an oldie song. This is in the hope and misguided hunger of rekindling that which had been between two others. An oldie feeling is sought with a new singer. Consequently, spouses forsake what should (oneness) be for what was (excitement of that first sense of love.) Trouble is, partners change with the feelings and oneness of God is lost.

Ephesians 5: 22-29 outlines the parameters of A Spiritual Walk between spouses. This spiritual walk is to ultimately become a demonstration of Christ and His Church. Because God is, “I AM,” and removes our past through forgiveness, every day with Him is a present day experience. There is no singing of oldies in the carnal sense before Him. There is no changing the station (of life and its eternal vows) dial to find a new god with whom to enjoy a new type salvation. Spiritual live must be about what is, I.E. the present moment with and in Him through the infilling of the Holy Spirit. The “moment” should extend though out all the days of our lives without looking for an oldie moment. This is because in Christ the ultimate moment is found! He becomes our path, purpose and fulfillment. As we love Him, and others in Him, music takes on a new understanding. There are no “oldies” in Kingdom Hymnals. Why? Because He is forever the present moment and experience of our life. Music transcends into what is, not what was. Too many want to overlook the “old time hymns” simply because they see them as - old! Of course there is nothing with new songs to praise the Lord. But note in the release of new songs the old time focus remains the same. That focus is upon the Christ.

It is when we change not only our music and the one we use to dance with, but also the object of that music and the love it projects that we get into trouble. As long as Christ remains the bridegroom there is never an oldie moment. With Him music transcends into what is, not what or who was. This understanding can causes a complete refocusing of your life. This reborn experience is about become spiritual. This means to become one with the Lord. In the same sense, and according to the above quoted scriptures, married life is to be likewise enjoyed. Marriage is to be A Spiritual Walk emulating in power of the Holy Spirit the attributes of the risen Messiah. An unbridled hunger for the extension of “oldies” kills, steals and destroys what is.

A Spiritual Walk is never about changing partners. It is about becoming one with Christ and the spouse He leads you to. At the advent of each yearly Christmas celebration it is witnessed that new ideas, new deals, new songs, new gadgets, new slogans with an eye towards forsaking all that is “old fashioned” attempt to change that which is unchangeable. A Spiritual Walk is not fortified by carnal attempts presented by the systems of the world they extend to lay value to their personal causes. Christmas and its subsequent days are about the offering from a just and merciful God extending His values to mankind, to whosoever will, believe on the Christ Child that grows to be the King of Kings. The values of salvation and its lifestyle remain the same year after year, calling us to A Spiritual Walk in the midst of all the chaos manufactured by carnality.

A Spiritual Walk between two dedicated spouses is a wonder to behold. In that walk you see care, compassion, affection, protection, love, sharing, submission and obedience, concern and many other virtues of the Christ who joins them as a witness of Himself. For one spouse to hunger for an oldie experience is to forsake the present day opportunity to grow closer together in His Spirit. This hunger occasions opportunity to forsake the Lord who joined them. To enjoy the parameters of A Spiritual Walk is never about all the things you think you have to give up. A Spiritual Walk is about gaining new insights about self and the Lord you (both) serve. A Spiritual Walk is not focused on inventing new ways to extend an oldie feeling. Rather, A Spiritual Walk is the surrender of the one spouse to its mate as unto the Lord. This spiritual Triad then emulates the Trinity on earth giving focus to the vision of Oneness in the Lord. If, after pledging Himself to the repentant sinner, Jesus never  looks for another to take your place simply so He can enjoy the adventurous feeling of “finding someone,” why then should a spouse who professes to love Him seek to do so? A Spiritual Walk is “new every morning.” This newness completely overshadows all those songs on the oldie hit parade.