An Apostolic View of Some Signs of the Times

Apostle Daniel Blanton - 2010


These are the days all Christians must be proud of our faith, service, spiritual vision, purpose, love and dedication to the cause of the Holy Spirit in Christís Church. In the eyes of the ďnormalĒ world, ours is a unique and challenging journey of faith. Over the years the Holy Spirit has continually brought changes to our scope and purpose to His Church that are abnormal to the general norm of Church activity. We have not always initially understood these things at their onset. In fact, some have departed our community and expressed their displeasure and distrust of some of those directions. But here we are now being able to note that others of like heart around the earth are engaged in some of the same offerings we have accepted.

God is surely binding together those of like hunger and thirst in these days of great threat. Make no mistake, these are really days of great challenge. Every generation has had their challenges from the dark side. There have been world wars, floods, plagues, famines, deaths, satanic filth and such. But perhaps there has never been a time such as ours when the core values of the family, of the Church and life in general have been so challenged. Whatever one would name this anti-God move, be it political correctness, go green, save the earth, freedom of religion, save the children, politics in general, right to an abortion, whatever a general cause may be, they are all tied to one source which seeks to alter the direction and focus of righteousness. The founding focus of public education has been changed by some or all of these causes to the point now the side against righteousness is fueled with a generation of unbelievers denying the founding cause of America and the founding cause of Godís Church! The word Global is a watchword of their projections. Dependence on government replaces faith in the Church. Sins of public officials are explained away while those of Church officials are paraded through the news media like victory banners. Forgiveness is sought for self and overlooked towards others. Our very own American government has more control over your daily life than ever before. And they are seeking for more. If you can hear it, there are two sides to every argument. Now news casters have instant and world wide views to align these sides one against the other as they give their opinions on the daily occurrences. News, regardless of what network it comes from is no longer generally given for the sake of news. It is now given in and by the opinion of the one casting it. There is available today more media offerings through movies, games, hand held devices, TV, recordings and such to entertain you, scare you, rob you of your spiritual mind, entice you, please you, excite you and take your money than ever before.

Now all this can be frightening to the faint of heart. All of this can devalue your spiritual hunger and thirst because that is what it is intended to do. We are living in the time of great restoration in and to the Church. But unless you can see it, hear it, you are overwhelmed by all or some of this which I just described. Listen, that is what it is intended to do. Definitive lines are drawn in the sands of time for Godís purpose of determining who is on which side. In the days of the first Exodus, Moses went to the mountain to visit with God. Upon his return, he had to draw a line in the sand as Godís challenge to determine who would continue to worship the God of Israel and who would remain in the Church of the Golden Calf. The events of that hour and its choices are prophetic of what is occurring in this hour of our life.

I say to you, fear not, keep your eyes and your heart on the Lord. Speak only of virtuous things. Keep your covenant and your tithing strong. Do not break oaths or vows. Repent and mend those you have broken. Keep your heart open to ongoing Spiritual revelation. Forgive as you have been forgiven. Speak from you spiritual heart, not your human lips. Cease trying to prove yourself and prove God. Minister truth in the market place. Regardless of circumstances, keep your family on the altar of truth and forgiveness. Position yourself continually under the shadow of the wings of the Almighty.

Let your faith do the walking in these days. Listen, the world has to come to this point of one Global government. This is the present positioning being observed. It sets the stage for the finalization of the end times. Rejoice for your redemption draws near! Praise and worship Him without measure. Keep you heart open to all, yet guarded against the wiles of the devil.

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