Apostle Daniel Blanton

There is a lot stirring around the Church at large in this hour concerning Hebraic Roots. However,  many Gentile Believers never give it a second thought to search, research, or even be open to the idea of Hebraic Roots and the Church. Many in the “modern” Church have become recalcitrant concerning its origins, its purpose, and even in its direction. There is that ever-present misguided thought that Israel and the Jews have no place in the New Testament Church. Some profess that the Church replaces Israel and it is believed that Scripture proves this to be true. Nothing could be further from the truth for these thoughts violate the insight of Ephesians 2:15 which outlines the character of ONE NEW MAN in YAHshua Messiah. 

On the other hand, there are those opening themselves to this move bringing restoration in some much-needed insights about Hebraic Roots and the Church. There are presently many restorative moves of the Holy Spirit touching the Church. Some of them are the restoration of the memorial name of YAHveh and YAHshua; the restoration of apostles and prophets; the restoration of Davidic praise and worship; Israel as a nation; and many others space here does not allow their listing. However, the wind of the Holy Spirit moves across the earth sowing seeds of Hebraic revelation into those hearts hungering and thirsting for righteousness. The true measure of righteousness cannot be obtained without a true measure of revelation from YAHveh of what is needed to reach its standard. Believers today must come to grips with Hebraic Roots and The Church to allow for maturity in spiritual purpose. These moves of restoration challenge carnal, and sometimes even spiritual mentality, of the “way things have always been!” These moves of the Holy Spirit challenge our complacency and individual need to discipline our self in revelation that threatens status quo. These moves of the Holy Spirit require discipline on the part of Believers. This discipline will enrich the process of growth as each endures to the end of the revelation to gain its full potential in YAHshua. Hebraic Roots and the Church are here to stay. The focus on Hebraic Roots challenges in a very heated way. Because of this it is necessary to look at Scripture for discernment and direction. This heat of dissension and division between Jews and Gentiles is born of mistrust and deceit. Satan has driven a wedge between the two hindering our reconciliation. Old wounds between Jews and Gentiles are not presently easily healed. Understanding our common roots will heal this division. The Holy Spirit points to the Root of the Church found, according to Isaiah 11:1, in the stem of Jesse. It further states, “out of the stem of Jesse, a Branch shall grow out of his roots.”

Revelation tells me that the Rod from the stem of Jesse is Messiah and the Branch that grows out of his roots are Believers. Did not YAHshua teach something about Him being the vine (rod) and Believers being the branches? Of course He did! This means the branches and the vine are birthed from the same root. In this case, the root is the purpose of YAHveh’s salvation manifested through Messiah. Let it be noted here that the stem of Jesse relates to YAHshua and Hebraic Roots. All believers are branches on  that Hebraic vine. History through anti-Semitism has denied this common root even to the point of changing dates, times, the purposes of feasts, and days to gather in praise and worship unto YAHveh.

Because the Hebraic Roots factor has been all but removed from the Church, Holy Spirit is restoring it’s revelation to “whosoever.” It is so necessary for all to learn of our roots else we operate from different focuses that are so prevalent in gatherings today. Believes can never attain the fullness of ONE NEW MAN by seeking and trying to establish separate roots of origin. I pray all be open to this restorative move of the Holy Spirit that we may fully attain to the statue and favor of YAHshua Messiah. The appreciation of our common roots will eliminate barriers established by years of prejudices and hatred. There is only one faith, one hope, and one baptism. There is only one God and His name is YAHveh. He sent His only Son to gather, not separate; to love, not confuse; to raise us up in the way we should go, not see us fall from the vine before our time. It is in our common path to walk together in agreement, Jews and Gentiles alike. We do share a common Root.

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