Apostle Daniel Blanton

I recently spoke in a local conference, KINGDOM FELLOWSHIP EXPLOSION. My message centered on KINGDOM CHARACTER. My purpose was not only to speak on character, but also to demonstrate character by means of the ministry I released. I began by saying, I show you tonight a photo of the Kingdom of YAHveh on earth. As you look at me and the ministry I bring to you tonight, you are seeing a symbol of the Kingdom of YAHveh in the now. Yes, we look for a kingdom in the future, but we are called to demonstrate the Kingdom in many ways in the now, in the present. This demonstration will never be true as long as the human element is not overcome in each of our lives.

2. The dance you witnessed tonight, is a photo of the Kingdom of YAHveh in the now. You see Gentile dances of different backgrounds, but with the same calling. You see Gentiles demonstrating in Jewish fashion, the ONE NEW MAN of Ephesians 2:15. You see Gentiles in Jewish dance dress. Then you look at me and see a white face in a black church - as some would say - this white face brings among you members of his own congregation who are multi-cultured and strong in the Father’s business. I wear a clerical collar, have a Jewish prayer shawl draped about my shoulders, and bring shofars into your service, and I speak from a Complete Jewish Bible. In our Church the only color we see is the blood color, the color red. We are neither black nor white, bond nor free, Jew nor Gentile, we are a brand new race - one faith, one hope, one baptism, one Lord, one grace, one ministry, one relationship, ONE NEW MAN who has discovered the memorial names YAHveh and YAHshua are the true Hebrew names of our Father and Son, and God and Jesus are loose translations given by the Greek that overtly deny the power and authority of their true names. The things I am demonstrating to you are not in the character of man but rather they are demonstrations of Kingdom Character necessary to show life in the Kingdom now. It is called dying to self and being resurrected in the ONE NEW MAN. No, I am not saying life is sustained in the artifacts or ministry elements I point out to you. Rather, I am saying every Believer’s life should be a demonstration of Kingdom life, Kingdom citizenship, Kingdom relations, and not those things man protects as elements of his own puny ministry.

3. LISTEN, you can’t put the ministry of the Holy Spirit in a box and then pick and choose what you like and dislike and still be true to the direction of the Kingdom of YAHveh. The first thing to leave in the box is you and then put on the ONE NEW MAN in YAHshua Messiah. Contrary to the popular belief of some preachers, it is still YAHveh’s Kingdom, He has not abdicated His responsibilities just because He shares revelation with stupid people. True ministry flows out of relationship and one of the main reasons Father shares revelation knowledge is so you and I will not perish and we can build true spiritual relationships. He does not share His revelation knowledge so man can establish His own little area, his own little box - picking and choosing who he wants to minister to, who he wants to get along with, how must he demands in salary, how much he demands in honorariums, and the like. LISTEN - the Kingdom is to be demonstrated in the power of YAHveh, not by the ministry of man. Man is the element YAHveh chooses to do His will on earth, however, the ministry is still of God, not of man. In the hour we live, I see truth being set aside for the carnally spectacular, I see truth being set aside by human reasoning, and I see truth being set aside so personal agendas may be appeased. BUT LISTEN, I am here to tell you regardless of how you feel, regardless of how it looks, regardless of what ner-do-wells are saying abut Church and your commitment, YAHveh’s Holy Spirit is moving across this earth with a spiritual tsunami of restorations and a lot of people are being shaken out, left in the aftermath of its wake, dazed, weary, ragged, stunned, not knowing what has happened, they are looking for help from human government - and sweetheart they do not have a clue. The recent and mighty earthquake and its devastating effects are nothing compared to what is happening spiritually across this planet. Man’s religious foundation is being shaken to see what remains, mammon is struggling to maintain control in the stock market, the meat market, the gas market, the salary market, the education market, and all the carnal markets of the world. Honey, man’s foundation and trust upon mammon is not going to last because YAHveh is finding a people who were not a people, the people of God who are sold out at all costs and are bringing the true demonstration of YAHveh’s Kingdom to full witness.

 1. KINGDOM CHARACTER! I must tell you that most of what we call Church today is not in the Character of YAHshua. If it were, we would not witness the divisions that are apparent. However, when YAHshua ministered on earth in demonstration of true Kingdom Character, He surely was not accepted by everyone and neither will you or I be accepted by everyone. But the good news is, He has accepted us, thereby, Believers can and must accept one another. This demonstration of unity identifies the basis for true Kingdom Character. LISTEN, the person who refuses to get along with you just does not live where you live. They live in the world, and First John teaches that the world cannot hear us because they do not know God. Honey, if someone really knows YAHveh, they will do all to get along with and support you.

2. KINGDOM CHARACTER! KING - DOM. Where ever you find the true King, you will find true dominion, the true realm, the true manifestation of His presence. If the same spirit that raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, then your present body, your mortal body will be quickened, made alive, to and in His way NOW! True dominion of the Kingdom of YAHveh begins in you the moment you become born again. Now you are no longer of the earth, you have this treasure in earthen vessels, you are now citizens of a new realm, together with the saints led captive. It is not business as usual any longer on earth. Messiah’s future has invaded the present and society reels from future shock.

3. KINGDOM CHARACTER! Most of what you witness in ministry today is not in line with the Character of Christ. The character of the Church is not in line with the love that is supposed to be shed abroad in our hearts! Because of this there are many restorational moves of the Holy Spirit across this earth today. This is the spiritual tsunami I speak of: Here are some of the restorational moves presently taking place on earth and they are leaving folk reeling, weary, and such because of their personal resistance to them. These are not all inclusive - but here are a few of the waves of this spiritual tsunami:

a. the restoration of Israel as a nation. Folk in the middle east, and around the world are reeling as a result of this fulfilled. We see this in all the attacks against the truth of this fulfillment.

b. the restoration of Davidic praise to the spiritual Church. We see the reeling of this in attacks against this truth through copy write laws, ownership of music, dove awards, competition.

c. the restoration of the Memorial names of YAHveh and YAHshua.

d. the printing of thousands of books outlining present day truth.

e. conventions such as this where hungry folk come together to share in truth.

f. the networking of ministries where in the past they would not get along.

g. the growing hunger by believers for understanding of Hebraic Roots and how they pertain to the Church.

h. the wearing of prayer shawls and blowing of shofars is creating one covering and one sound around the earth.

i. the true restoration of the five fold ministry of YAHshua seen in the present day ministry of restored prophets and apostles. In the restoration of apostles, YAHshua is restoring much needed order to His Church.

j. these and many other moves or waves of this spiritual tsunami are restoring order and character to the Church of Messiah so Ephesians four may be fulfilled by the ONE NEW MAN of Ephesians 2:15. This fulfillment is seen in the saints being fitly joined together to do the work of the ministry. The next great wave is the release of ministering saints into the market place under apostolic and prophetic covering to do the work of the ministry in the market places. Even now there are great ripples beginning to take place by those who have been trained to do so.

 1. KINGDOM CHARACTER! Kingdom character has not so much to do with individual man as it does with the character of a local Church made up by the character of those professing to be believers. The local ministry is seen or witnessed by the Character of its members. Do they get along, do they reach out, do they praise and worship or just sing, do they seek the lost, do they account for their actions, are they about building a ministry, or the Church of Messiah?

2. In this hour Holy Spirit is restoring Character to the Church of Messiah and carnal folk have no clue to the move. They continue to move in their ministry, trying to look religious, and accuse others from behind their Pharisaical garments.

3. The Holy Spirit has now brought the true Church into the post-denominal period. Denominations for the most part did not accept these moves, so they remain fixed in place wondering why people left them, actually they were swept away by the waves of the spiritual tsunami leaving others judging their ways.

4. The spiritual Church is being restored to do the work of the ministry. Kingdom Character is being restored to the present day Church.

5. The Church began in the fulness of its granted authority that comes from YAHshua. Beyond these early days through the mid 1800’s, the Church in broad measure has only been a shadow of its former self. This is because of the antics of man and the actual true character of the Church suffered. I mean by this that the spiritual character and spiritual personality of the Church faded into adopting that which man said is spiritual. This is why the Pharisees were so against the Messiah. He told them time and again, you have heard, but I say to you. Honey, what you hear from a man all dressed up in religious garments may not be correct. Now days, Christians cry foul against the Pharisees and against those who deny the ministry of Messiah. However, some Christians stand no less convicted because of their own denial of truth being restored in this hour. This denial is a façade that attempts to hide false character behind position and phylacteries.

6. As Holy Spirit brings restoration to the gifts of the Spirit, as He continues to release the infilling of the Holy Spirit, as He brings changes in praise and worship, as He restores Torah and true Sabbath worship among the hungry and thirsting, He is restoring Kingdom Character to the Church. How many know YAHveh is not concerned with man’s musical programs? YAHveh has moods, just like you do, and to please Him in praise and worship due His name, you should first check with Holy Spirit to see what mood the Father is in for that service. Is He in a warfare mood, or is He is a daddy mood? Is He in a forgiving mood, or a restorational mood, and so forth? As Holy Spirit brings restoration in varied translations of the Bible that magnify truth, as the Pastor, Evangelist, and Teacher were restored to give foundation to the present day restoration of apostles and prophets, spiritual order and character are being restored to the Church. Yet, there are those modern Pharisees who deny such, choosing to cling to old time religion. To ignore these moves is to ignore the need for Spiritual Character adjustment. Man’s character must decrease so the Character of YAHshua may increase.

7. LISTEN: It is time for the true Church to get beyond its prideful human character and move in the spiritual character of the Holy Spirit. It is time to train saints to do the work of the ministry. It is time to set aside human character traits and really put on the ONE NEW MAN in YAHshua. You will never have an effective ministry until you do. LISTEN: and emotional ministry does not necessarily mean strong anointing.

8. CHARACTER in the broadest sense means one’s total personality. Now how many of you have ever been a part of a ministry work that demonstrated the total personality of Christ? This is because modern ministry, at the fault of its preachers and teachers, has never sought to fitly join saints together. This is the mark of true members of the five fold ministry of YAHshua. The seek for unity of the saints herds them through the ministry gate of unity. Man’s ministry is always afraid he will lose some members if he congregates with others.

9. . Reading in Daniel 7: 9-22 we see some points that establish a foundation of where we are in the Holy Spirit.

a. There is a false kingdom that seems right. Only discernment and proper leadership will protect one from it. Daniel was upset because of some things he saw relative to the kingdoms of this world. If you and I are not presently disturbed over the kingdoms of this world, then I submit to you there is something wrong with out character.

b. As Daniel established what he established, he did it by submission and obedience, not in numbers. He did it through his calling and by fellowship with heaven. This he did in Kingdom Character not in his own character.

c. What Daniel established of us is seen in verses 18, 21-22. This is the coming movement of Saints into the market places of earth to make the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord. Each of us must immediately set aside any and all of our Babylonian garments as seen in the times of the times of Achan at Ai. Too many yet hold on to worldly things attempting to make them spiritual. This not only includes physical things, it also includes attitudes, unforgiveness, habits, chronic poor self image. Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Holy Spirit? Daniel establish the foundation for what is to come by living in Kingdom Character even in the midst of his personal captivity. The Church knows the names of the Hebrew children as Belteshazzar (Daniel), Shadrach (Hananiah) Meshach (Mishael): and Abed-Nigo (Azariah). The world has named the Church so many things today until its Character has faded. Children know the names of power rangers, space rangers, Pac-man, hell-boy, Freddie Kruger, Godzilla, Jason, Star Wars, and many others and cannot name three of the original 12 apostles! Most Christians do not know the REAL names of the Daniel and his youth group! No wonder YAHshua is restoring character and order to His Church. In its present state it demands a washing away, a shaking, a challenge to overcome and endure, honey it has lost its Character and is sorely in need of a make-over.

 KINGDOM CHARACTER: Throughout the history of YAHveh’s dealings with man, Kingdom Character is evident in the remnant who keeps His spiritual cause alive. These are not listen in any order, but you need hear of the character of these generations:

- Joseph’s Kingdom Character saved a government and nation.

- Moses’ Kingdom Character preserved a nation which brought forth Torah, the Law, to its required first fruits.

- Prophets in their Kingdom Character saved the Word and prophesied of Messiah.

- David in his Kingdom Character established the Throne of Messiah here on earth. He established the throne. In your Kingdom Character you are to make ready, to establish, to be built as the Body which will serve with Him from this throne.

- Abraham preserved, or saved faith by bringing it to its highest point of dying to self. Abraham established by his Kingdom Character love and life beyond himself upon which Father could release His only begotten son. Abraham by his Kingdom Character became the friend of YAHveh and the Father of Faith.

- Solomon by his Kingdom Character saved the true spiritual temple building process upon which Messiah is building His true spiritual Church.

- Joseph and Mary, in their Kingdom Character, saved the precious Seed of Messiah, which gives opportunity to mankind to be saved. It also gives opportunity for Messiah to reach the destiny of His ministry on the cross.

- Apostles gave their life to Kingdom Character and preached Good News in the face of old time religion and confirm the Old Testament prophets and foundationally preserve in the New Testament all the Old Testament saints stood for.

These are individual and hurried efforts giving insight to greater responsibilities in Kingdom Character that is not normally thought about. Kingdom is not about building a big ministry. Kingdom is about the dominion of the King, first in the lives of His subjects. These submitted subjects then reshape the kingdoms of the world and make them the Kingdoms of our Lord. A typical example of this is again seen in the life of Joseph. Each of these I point out to you demonstrated their total character was dependent upon what the Lord desired through their life. Yes, there were those who did not buy into their ministry and their new message over the pulpit. But look at their stand and look at what it offers you and I today.


- Its restoration is needed now.

- It works from the inside out. Man has attempted to work it from the outside in.

- Its restoration is seen in the many waves of the spiritual tsunami traversing the earth today.

- Go with the flow. Do not resist the currents.

- Must work within the Church first in order to have full power in the market place.

- In all these waves, the restorational moves of YAHveh, Kingdom Character is being restored to the Church.