Apostle Daniel Blanton

Recently while teaching a series on Hebraic Roots it was confirmed to me by the Holy Spirit that my doing so was the fourth major move of the Lord over the past twenty-five years at Victorious Living Chapel. As I reflected on this, I began to see confirmations of this truth.  There have been other moves of the Spirit among us. They came as a result of one of the four major moves.  I am very hesitant to use the term “major” and “minor” as terms for moves of the Holy Spirit.  I believe that every move He initiates is a move in like kind, neither major nor minor.  Such a declaration tends to lessen one and promote another move as being more important than the previous one.

  I believe every move of the Holy Spirit is “major.” However, there are Spiritual   dimensions and timings that must be considered with each as every Spiritual move grows out of the previous ones.  So, the insight of one move growing out of the previous one provides the foundation for this article.  Again, I relate that the moves of the Holy Spirit occurring here provide the foundation for subsequent moves relative to the “major” one and thereby paving the way for others to follow.  These “major” moves are recognized by the message they impart, the praise and worship rising from their truth, the ongoing challenge to our submission and obedience, and the fruit of the Word demonstrated in Victorious lives among us.  These moves are important to our life and growth with each being equally important as the last one.  I have learned to not disregard a previous move when a new one comes upon us.  In fact, I am challenged to not forsake the previous wind when something new blows.  To forsake one to build upon another is potentially fatal. It is vain to attempt building on a “new” truth while disregarding the “old” one.  Revelation knowledge is progressive.  Life and growth in the Holy Spirit is progressive and it is critical to stand upon the previous revealed truths as you embrace the new. 

The Genesis of the revelation of these four “major” moves and their confirmation began one day not long ago during my pre-service walk through of our Book Store.   In a most casual manner I said to a presbytery member that the books on the shelves confirmed “different” moves of the Holy Spirit at Victorious Living Chapel.  The books and tapes on display are arranged in the four sections of Faith, the Kingdom of God, Warfare Prayer and Praise, and Hebraic Roots.  However, in a passing sense I only saw “moves” and not the four “major” ones these books represent.   Having made this statement about moves, I really paid no more attention to the significance of my statement.  This is often the case with many of us.  Something is revealed in a moment least expected and then subsequently set aside to address “something more important” like having to preach and teach.   Later that evening as I ministered on Hebraic Roots, the revelation of four major moves at Victorious Living Chapel grew in me in a most dramatic way.  I began to see them in a progressive sense and how each brought us to the point of learning more about Hebraic Roots and its place in spiritual life.  In the broadest sense I had noted moves of the Holy Spirit among us.  I knew that each was to build upon the last one but I never saw them in the collective sense suddenly confirmed to me by the Holy Spirit during that particular service.  Suddenly, I understood in a most profound way the overall purpose of the Holy Spirit in my life over the past twenty five years and the revelation He gives me to release to others during those times.  I had always known the messages I preach and teach are given to empower people to live an overcoming and victorious life.  However, now I have a new understanding of destiny!  Progressive moves of the Holy Spirit direct people to their destiny.

The first “major” move of the Holy Spirit was FAITH!  Victorious Living Chapel was and is established in faith.  I had a revelation of a 10,000 seat sanctuary in May 1977 wherein all have their hands (20,000) raised in adoration and hunger before the Lord to know more of His Kingdom.  This became and remains a motivating fact in my life and every fiber of my being continues to be “obedient to the heavenly vision.”  It was during these early years that I was ordained as a Pastor.  I see this as a subsequent move of the Holy Spirit flowing from the move of FAITH.  Those early years were most lean and great testing's came to my life. But the Father was and is ever faithful to honor the faith of my spirit.  I taught many messages on faith in those times that grew from revelation and experience. 

The second “major” move was one of seeing the KINGDOM OF GOD in a different dimension.  This was and is to see the Kingdom in the now as opposed to a future experience.  This move was confirmed by many other moves and messages that presented opportunity for a more responsible walk in Truth.  It was during this time that other five fold ministers of Victorious Living Chapel were identified and released to their intended purpose.  Other churches and ministries began to seek me out for spiritual covering.  Because of this growth I was ordained as a Bishop by the presbytery of Victorious Living Chapel.  Through the years in which we learned of the KINGDOM OF GOD, many prophetic confirmations were given to me and to Victorious Living Chapel of our general direction, purpose, and responsibilities in coming growth.  As FAITH began the walk, the KINGDOM OF GOD became the destiny.  Lives were changed and the ministry of Victorious Living Chapel grew in responsibility and purpose.  Many wonderful songs were written during these times that marked destiny and responsibility. 

The third “major” move was “WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE.”  Victorious Living Chapel has always sought a higher place in praise and worship.  We have learned simply singing a song is not always sufficient to touch the Father’s heart.  Ours is a constant seeking to “touch heaven and change earth!”  This requires finding the presence of the Lord in praise and worship and then camping there.  This requires praise and worship beyond a sanctuary release and is fulfilled by moving in His presence beyond the Church grounds.  Simply said, praise and worship must be a life style just as FAITH and THE KINGDOM OF GOD are to be lifestyles of the believer.  FAITH brings you to KINGDOM LIFE.  KINGDOM LIFE must be defended in the here and now for “the Kingdom suffers violence and the violent take it by force.”  This move of the Holy Spirit produced additional and wonderful songs being written by members of Judah, our music department.  Our first CD was released with the idea of its content bolstering the faith and destiny of others.  During this move of the Holy Spirit, one of our covenant communities actually placed stakes at the north, south, east, and west boundaries of Columbus, Georgia as a visible and spiritual claim this city belongs to the Lord on high!   Members of the five fold ministry of Victorious Living Chapel moved into a new dimension of their anointing.  Our strong and faithful intercessors were constant in their warfare and collectively came to a new awareness of destiny concerning our city.  Once the city was “staked out,” the Holy Spirit identified over 18 gates or strongholds the intercessors and shofar players were to go to on different days for the express purpose of “storming the gates of hell.”  Visions of victory were experienced, angels of the Lord of Hosts were seen moving in harmony with theses prayers as this band of dedicated intercessors prayed violently to tear down these gates.  Now, warfare prayer and praise keeps them from returning.  FAITH brings one to the KINGDOM OF GOD.  Then WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE ensures ongoing victory because “the Lord inhabits the praises of His people.”  In this great move of the Holy Spirit more songs were written to witness the pulpit messages being released.  The Holy Spirit led the Victorious Living Chapel and its ministry into a new and prophetic position it is to embrace by being centered on the KINGDOM OF GOD as a lifestyle and WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE as its shield with FAITH being the balance between the two.  During this “major” move, Bishop Bill Hamon became my Bishop, yet not without dialogue with and release from Bishop Kirby Clements of the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit.  During this move, I was ordained into the office of the apostle.  This move released prophets, pastors, evangelists, and teachers of Victorious Living Chapel to new dimensions of outreach.  During the progressive moves of FAITH, THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE, our youth ministry known as CHOSEN has grown to dimensions of ministry release heretofore only dreamed of. 

The fourth and present “major” move of the Holy Spirit is one of learning of our HEBRAIC ROOTS.  This, as have been the previous moves, is most challenging because our Gentile roots are being reviewed and in a lot of areas, an “axe is being laid to those roots.” Because of their lack of relationship with us, this has caused alarm among some who “know us.”  To them I say, stick around, you ain’t seen nothing yet!   In the previous three “major” moves of the Holy Spirit, our personal theology was challenged to change.  Some did, others did not, ergo, folk came among and went out from us because they could not focus on the move of the Holy Spirit and His intention for our ministry.

This present move is now a little over two years old and believe me, if some could not understand the past moves, they sure do not understand this one.  We are accused of trying to be Jewish. Others say we are not Jewish enough.  The confirming scripture for this move is Ephesians 2:15 which speaks of ONE NEW MAN.  All believers are called to this place.  However, because of anti-Semitism and other horrible refractors, this ONE NEW MAN is not seen in the Church nor will he ever be embraced if personal roots remain embedded in the soil of the Gentiles or the soil of the Jews.  There must be a present day witness of the ONE NEW MAN if FAITH, THE KINDOM OF GOD, and WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE are experienced in the heart of the Father.   Victorious Living Chapel was led to this point in a progressive way now that I can look back over the years and see what is happening.  The wonderful book by Terrye Seedman entitled Holy to YAHveh that came into my hands a little over two years ago is the confirming catalyst into this present move.  ONE NEW MAN is the ultimate citizen of the KINGDOM OF GOD who knows his place in FAITH and WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE.  But in order for the fruit of ONE NEW MAN to be pure, the root system of life must come in line with the Word of YAHveh who “sees” neither Jew nor Gentile, black nor white, bond nor free, but Christ in you, the hope of glory.”  For believing Jews or Gentiles to continue focusing on their personal roots is to forsake the call to ONE NEW MAN.   During this present move in learning HEBRAIC ROOT of the Church, yamakas, prayer scarves for ladies and prayer shawls for men are being worn by Gentile members of Victorious Living Chapel.  It is not the apparel but what the apparel represents that we embrace.  Shofars now a regular part of our service as they are used in warfare prayer and praise and as the initial call to worship.  We were led of the Holy Spirit to change our traditional services of its Gentile foundation and we now observe the Sabbath on Friday evening and on Saturday morning.  As of this posting, I am in the tenth hour of teaching a wonderful series on HEBRAIC ROOTS that grows and grows in progressive revelation and purpose.  Listen; if FAITH brings one to THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE protects its environment and its holdings, then HEBRAIC ROOTS are the citizenship papers required to understand all of this.  To seek anything less is to remain mired in traditionalism and failure to progress into the fullness of the Gospel.

I must mention here that the ministry of Victorious Living Chapel is now almost twenty five year old.  These four “major” moves of the Holy Spirit among us represents a move every six years.  Who knows where we are to be led beyond this time.  Perhaps it will be into a deeper knowledge of the ONE NEW MAN.  I do believe this the ultimate destiny of these moves.  In this, the strong and wonderful ministry of the Victorious Living Chapel will fulfill its role of being a storehouse for other to draw from. Presently, we have plans for a new sanctuary and teaching complex from which we may offer daily conferences and classes based on the experiences we have gained over the past twenty-five years.  Lesson plans are being developed and training manuals are being produced for those hungering and thirsting for righteousness.  Space here does not permit my giving you the fullness that is in my spirit concerning “all of this.”  So I invite you to drop by my office sometime and we will discuss all Elohim is doing among us.

At its onset, change is always most challenging and easily set aside when carnal attitudes prevail.  I am most proud of the staff and members of Victorious Living Chapel who endure the ongoing moves of and the changes brought by the Holy Spirit.  This has not been easy but in reflection we now see the end from the beginning.  The Psalmist says, “Unless the Lord build the house, they that labor, labor in vain.”  The apostle says, “We (the church) are being built together for the habitation of the spirit of YAHveh.”  In the broadest sense here is what I see the Holy Spirit doing at Victorious living Chapel.  First the foundation of Victorious Living Chapel was put in place.  This work is not built upon a split from another Church.  It is built upon the apostle’s doctrine and submission and obedience to Messiah.  I had no dedicated congregation when I open the doors of Victorious Living Chapel for services.   The foundation here is centered upon YAHshua.  It is not built upon any man’s foundation.    From the time this foundation was tested and began to set, the Holy Spirit has systematically every six years put in place one of four walls of a spiritual house that mirrors a greater and universal Church.  These four walls are FAITH, THE KINGDOM OF GOD, WARFARE PRAYER AND PRAISE, and HEBRAIC ROOTS.  Now, He begins the process of covering this spiritual house with the roof of RESTORATION AND RESOURCES to feed those hungering and thirsting for righteousness.  Beyond building a strong pulpit, a strong praise and worship department, and beyond building strong intercessors, He now begins to build a strong local Church body.  This will fulfill my vision of May 1977.  Thousands wait in the shadows soon to come forth into their spiritual destiny. I really can see better days ahead.  Remember, There IS Victory in YAHshua!

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